Going to Rio 2016

If, like me, you are thinking about going to Rio 2016 then welcome to this site.

I have created this area to share my experiences of the journey to Rio 2016 following a great time at London 2012. I anticipate lots of challenges along the way from learning the language to applying and eventually getting to and staying in Rio for the 2016 games.

I am hoping those others who are also thinking about going will join me on this road and equally share knowledge so that we can all, yet again, have a great experience helping to make it happen.

I have created some pages to share what I have found out to date as it is still early days and will blog new stuff from time to time. I have also set up a forum where you can register and comment, ask questions or share your findings too. The forum is pretty empty of course at the moment so please feel free to dive in and make some noise.

Volunteering on home turf was relatively straightforward. We had access to information, people and places relatively easily. I imagine things might be a little less than straightforward for 2016 and the internet shrinks the world into more manageable chunks but humans interacting with each other will always be a strong basis for good and positive communications. If the information here can help/support one other on their journey this will have served its purpose but I am looking forward to learning from those of you who also care to share.

It’s carnival time folks and if we don’t meet before – see you in RIO! :-)

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